The New Apple iOS 10.3.1: What Features Does It Come With?

Early this month Apple released a new update to their operating system. Its new version is the iOS 10.3.1 and iOS 10.3.2 (beta mode)which came to fix a few bugs and security problems witnessed in the new iOS 10.3. Apple included support of this OS in their iPhones such as iPhone 5 and 5c and iPads or any other 32-bit device by Apple. All Compatible devices can have this update available in their devices through the Air update process which is found in the settings app. Alternatively they can use the iTunes method via a computer. The update from iOS 10.3 to iOS 10.3.1 is very light and small considering it is only 32MB, but before updating remember to backup your device not to lose any data in case of failure.

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We have also heard more rumours of when the iOS 11 is expected to launch. Apple is currently doing major test on the iOS 11 before the WWDC Keynote 2017 which starts around June 5 in California. This would be the most precise date to expect the launch of the iOS 11 together with the watchOS 4.

The iOS 10.3 includes way more features compared to its predecessors and below is a list of several of them.

  • Includes the Find My AirPods to Find My iPhone app
  • Includes Apple File System (APFS) to manage your storage
  • Important security options in the Settings app
  • Includes a widget in the Podcast app
  • Has 3D touch forecast in the Map app
  • Additional setting options in Carplay status bar
  • Safari support for less motion options
  • Has Wi-Fi Calling on iCloud devices that have Verizon
  • App developers can respond to reviews
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The iOS 10.3.1 update is available for devices such as iPhone 5 or later, the iPad 4th generation and later and the iPod touch sixth generation or later. As said earlier this iOS is also now capable to support 32-bit devices too. iOS 10.3 launched on Monday, March 27 while iOS 10.3.1 launched a week later on April 3 covering major bug fixes. We now wait for the next major iOS update probably on early June this year.

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