5 Best Programming Youtube Channels

Having many fantastic online resources on programming, especially video tutorials, learning to code by yourself has become more easier.
Some channels are great and other might be a waste of your time. Moreover, some are great sources of useful tips and tricks for beginners and veterans alike.
Here is a list of our best pick channels.

Codecourse (formerly PHPacademy)

The channel focuses mainly on PHP, but it also explores CSS, Sass, Node.js, Laravel, and MySql. Codecourse has many videos on small projects, which are very useful for beginners.



LevelUpTuts releases videos twice a week for front-end web developers. It teaches HTML5, Stylus, CSS, Sass, CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Magento), AngularJS, Meteor, and more design topics.


Programming tutorial


Programming tutorial covers C++ programming, Java programming, Android Application Development, Data Structure, VB.Net, MySQL. It also provides great videos for beginners.


Code School


Code School YouTubeCode School is a well know online learning source for developers and designers. Their YouTube channel covers JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Ruby and iOS.



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Many great, clear, focused and easy to follow tutorials you will find on Will Stern’s web development channel. There are especially great web development tutorials for beginners.

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