Best Smartphones Released at CES 2017

CES showcased the tech trends that will shape the year ahead. However we did not get much from the Smartphones side this time round.


Here are a few of the released phones at CES


Asus ZenFone AR: The first phone with both Google Tango and Google Daydream has a lot of potential to layer immersive digital experiences onto the real world. Unfortunately, since the demo didn’t work, this is all theoretical for now, but something to keep an eye on.
Huawei Honor Magic: With its built-in AI, this phone — which only sells in China right now — promises to more conveniently surface notifications, offer up a flashlight when it’s dark and generally help you out with useful information that comes to you.


BlackBerry “Mercury“: BlackBerry lives! The brand’s rescue by Alcatel parent company TCL means we’ll start seeing more BlackBerry phones soon, keyboard and all. We got a sneak peek at the “Mercury” and should see the real deal at Mobile World Congress next month.


LG Stylus 3: With the recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7 out of the picture, this phone is currently the only one you can buy with a stylus. It doesn’t have all of the Note 7’s premium appeal, but it’s a viable option for die-hards.


Huawei Mate 9 with Alexa: The Mate 9 is already on sale globally, but it’s now in the US, too. Next month it’ll be the first phone to get Amazon Alexa, the assistant that ties into smart devices all throughout the home. That makes the Mate 9 basically an Amazon Alexa remote, even if you don’t have the Echo.

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