How To Control Smart Home Devices With Google Assistant

Home control now goes at the heart of Google as all Pixel owners can control their smart-home devices with Google Assistant. Philips Hue light bulbs, Nest thermostats, Samsung’s SmartThings devices, and Belkin’s WeMo line are some of the smart home devices that one can control with Google assistant using your Voice only.

To set-up your smart home devices with google assistant you simply follow the listed steps below.

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First you need a Google account and the account information for your product in order to control your device. Talking of account information, it means that you.ll need account information for instance your Nest account before you install your thermostat to make it compatible with Google assistant.

Once everything about accounts is ready, simply launch your google assistant app by constantly pressing the home button and then tap the menu icon. On the menu it shows various options, but in this case tap on “settings”.
Then move on to Home control option as that is the main idea for this case. Then if you have no devices configured yet, simply hit the plus icon at the bottom to add your device. Here, you.ll now be prompted to add your device’s account information.
If it is Nest, for instance, click on add Nest and it will redirect you to Nest Log-in page where you are required to fill your information. When the account is connected Google will remember to save your login information so that you may not fill them again next time. This will then take you to a list of devices that are available for the company which you can simply add them to specific rooms.
When every device is assigned its respective room simply tap on Done to complete the process. Google then shows you a list of Voice commands that you can use to trigger your devices.


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Google however has a limited number of companies that they are working with which is a huge disadvantage, but they recently assured its users that it will add support for more smart home devices from various home automation companies.

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