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Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission rectif
Published:10/11/2019 4:05:39 PMViews: 172
In order to improve the level of protection of consumers'rights and interests in banking and insurance institutions, create a fair and just market order, and effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of banking and insurance consumers, on October 10, the Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission issued the Notice on Restoring the Chaotic Behavior of Banking and Insurance Institutions Infringing on Consumers' Rights and Interests (hereinafter referred to as the Notice), organizing the banking and insurance industry to carry out the chaotic Like renovation work.
"Notice" requires that banks and insurance institutions should thoroughly analyze the problems found in this rectification, find out the root causes of the problems, make up for the shortcomings of the system, improve the governance system, and establish a long-term mechanism. In addition, banking and insurance institutions should consolidate and deepen the main responsibility of rectifying the chaos of infringement on consumers'rights and interests. The board of directors should assume the ultimate responsibility. The chairman of the board is the first responsible person. The senior management should assume the responsibility of execution, the board of supervisors should assume the responsibility of supervision, and the higher institutions should assume the responsibility of management, so that the responsibility can be put into place and implemented to people.
It is understood that this rectification work mainly focuses on self-inspection by banks and insurance institutions, and supervision departments timely carry out supervision and spot checks. From October to November, the Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau organized the banks and insurance institutions under its jurisdiction to conduct self-checks, and actively completed the rectification on the basis of self-checks. From October to December, the banking and insurance regulatory bureaus conducted timely spot checks on key institutions and businesses.