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Sun Guofeng: as of March 13, the people's Bank of
Published:3/16/2020 8:13:08 AMViews: 73
On March 15, a press conference on the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council was held in Beijing. Sun Guofeng, director of the Monetary Policy Department of the people's Bank of China, introduced the role of the re loan rediscount policy in support of epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work. He pointed out that as of March 13, the people's Bank of China had issued 184 billion yuan of special re loans. Nine national banks and local legal person banks in 10 provinces and cities had issued 182.1 billion yuan of preferential loans to 4708 national and local key enterprises, with an average of 40 million yuan for each enterprise. The weighted average interest rate of preferential loans is 2.56%. After 50% financial discount, the actual financing cost of enterprises is about 1.28%, which is lower than the requirement of the State Council that the interest rate is not higher than 1.60%. At present, the bank's progress in granting preferential loans has been maintained at more than 10 billion yuan per day, and the granting speed is relatively fast.
According to incomplete statistics, from January 25 to March 10, key enterprises on the list produced 1.6 billion masks, 87.79 million protective clothing, 4.21 million goggles, 10.29 million virus detection reagents, 4143 negative pressure ambulances, 2.49 million tons of vegetables, 3.74 million tons of grain and 1.56 million tons of meat. In addition, the special re loan also provides financial support for some key projects, such as supporting Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital to build a new bed and quickly extend a loan of 330 million yuan to Beijing urban construction group. At present, the tense situation of medical supplies has been obviously relieved, the supply of living materials is sufficient, and the policy effect of special re loan is significant.