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Guiding opinions of the Central Committee of the
Published:5/19/2020 7:41:47 AMViews: 20
We will strengthen measures to focus on key points, make up for weaknesses and strengths, form a new pattern of development with great protection, opening-up and high quality, promote quality, efficiency and power changes in economic development, coordinate economic development with population, resources and environment in the western region, achieve higher quality, efficiency, fairness and sustainability, and ensure the ecological environment in the western region by 2020 The environment for environment, business, opening up and innovation has improved significantly, and a moderately prosperous society will be built in an all-round way with the whole country. By 2035, socialist modernization will be basically realized in the western region, and access to basic public services, infrastructure and people's living standards will be roughly the same as those in the eastern region. Efforts will be made to achieve complementary development in different types of regions, two-way opening and coordination between the East and the west, and national borders Prosperity, security and harmony between human and nature in Xinjiang