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Taking industry as the starting point to help pove
Published:6/22/2020 3:44:07 PMViews: 20
In the midsummer and the beautiful season of the show, in the year of winning the battle against poverty, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC, visited Ningxia, from new immigrant villages to city communities, from the Yellow River to rural eco sightseeing parks, from poverty alleviation workshop to grape plantations. General secretary Xi Jinping's footsteps came down to the people's livelihood. He was very caring and warm. Recently, Chinese PICC personnel have gone back to the way of general secretary Xi Jinping's visit to Nanjing. In recent years, the practice of poverty alleviation in Ningxia has been reviewed. PICC has given full play to its insurance guarantee function and its advantages in supporting agriculture and financing. Focusing on the local characteristic agricultural industry, PICC has organized a dense "guarantee network" for farmers' production and life, and helped poor households get rid of poverty and move to a well-off society.
Direct investment of insurance capital to help poverty alleviation
As early as 1996, the central government determined Fujian to help Ningxia. Xi Jinping, deputy secretary of the Fujian provincial Party committee, served as the leader of Fujian's leading group in Ningxia, and directly organized the implementation of the aid cooperation between Fujian and Ningxia. On July 15, 1997, "minning village" broke ground on a Gobi. "Min Ning" is Xi Jinping's name for the ecological emigration point of Yongning County. It is also a witness of the "Fujian Ningxia collaboration".
More than 20 years since the foundation of minning village, the desert desert has become a town that can accept more than 60000 ecological immigrants. Minning town was born to help the poor and built to get rid of poverty. From scratch, from poor to rich, it has become a sample of China's East-West cooperation and relocation to help the poor. It is also a successful example of China's poverty-stricken areas moving towards a well-off society in an all-round way through counterpart cooperation.
In June 8th, the first stop of general secretary Xi Jinping's visit to Ningxia was also an ecological immigrant village, Hong De village, Hong Si Bao Town, Wusi City, Wuzhong City. In the poverty alleviation workshop of Hongde village, he listened to the introduction of Ningxia and Hongde village's poverty alleviation efforts, and pointed out after the investigation that "we should improve the supporting policies for the relocation of immigrants to ensure that the relocated people can move out, live stably and become rich. We should consolidate and improve the achievements of poverty alleviation, maintain the overall stability of existing policies, and promote the effective connection between the comprehensive poverty alleviation and the Rural Revitalization Strategy. ".
In 2016, in order to help win the fight against poverty and enhance the hematopoietic function of poor areas through industrial poverty alleviation, PICC, as the only insurance institution approved by the CIRC and qualified for direct investment in agricultural financing at that time, assisted in poverty alleviation across the country through the way of "direct investment in insurance and financing in agriculture". On December 7, 2016, the first insurance fund financing project of PICC in Nanjing was signed in minning Town, Yongning County. After directly financing 3 million yuan for local beef cattle breeding enterprises, in 2017 and 2018, PICC continued to invest 15 million yuan in minning Town, indirectly driving 1585 poor households to establish file and set up cards to get rid of poverty. Subsequently, PICC's insurance fund financing for agriculture was carried out in full swing in Ningxia.
For more than four years, PICC has been relying on the financing agreements signed with the governments of cities and counties in Ningxia to continuously expand the scale of direct investment of insurance capital in poor areas, to provide financial support to the production enterprises with good poverty alleviation driving effect in the area, and to promote more capital flow to the poor and poverty alleviation industries with direct investment of insurance capital and insurance guarantee as the fulcrum.
According to the financial times, since 2016, PICC Ningxia Branch has accumulatively lent 412 million yuan to Ningxia, including 147 million yuan to Guyuan City, which is gathered in key poverty-stricken counties and districts, and 198 million yuan to Wuzhong City, giving full play to the "blood transfusion" role of insurance mechanism to support the transformation and upgrading of local industries, so as to achieve the goal of government, enterprises, farmers, and insurance The win-win situation has also realized the leap of insurance institutions from simply providing guarantee to carrying out comprehensive financial services related to agriculture.