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Optimize system and mechanism construction and str
Published:7/24/2020 3:59:56 PMViews: 17
In recent years, with the sustained and rapid growth of the national economy, the wealth accumulation of the people and the diversification of the financing needs of the real economy, the asset management industry in China has developed steadily, the bancassurance asset management institutions have gradually increased, and the scale of asset management has steadily expanded. At present, 14 bank financial management companies and 27 insurance asset management companies have been established, with total assets under management of about 18 trillion yuan (excluding 25 trillion yuan of assets under management of commercial banks' own financial management business), which has become an important institutional investor in the capital market and an important force to serve the real economy. Among them, insurance asset management companies are entrusted to manage 69% of the assets of the insurance industry, and more than one third of the assets managed in the enterprise annuity market, and the long-term fund management ability has been continuously improved. Since the opening of the bank financial management company, relying on the parent bank's customer resources and prudent management culture, its business development is stable and orderly, and its product scale exceeds 2 trillion yuan, which has become a new force attracting much attention in China's asset management industry Quantity.
Based on the current situation, improving the corporate governance of financial institutions is the primary task of deepening financial reform. Bancassurance agencies should adhere to the Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology of China's characteristics and follow the requirements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on improving the modern financial enterprise system and deepening the reform of financial Institutional Firms governance, giving full play to the advantages of the party's leadership system, drawing on the good practices at home and abroad, strengthening investor protection, strengthening information disclosure and related transaction management. Therefore, we should constantly improve the corporate governance system and mechanism in line with the characteristics of asset management institutions, and provide higher quality and more efficient direct financing support and asset management services for the development of China's real economy.
Positive results have been achieved in corporate governance of Bancassurance asset management institutions
Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, China's bancassurance asset management institutions have taken strengthening corporate governance as an important focus of transforming the system and mechanism, steadily promoted the reform of corporate governance, continued to improve the corporate governance structure, and constantly improved the level of standardized operation, and achieved positive results in the construction of corporate governance.
Shareholders' equity is relatively simple and clear. The establishment of bank financial management companies and insurance asset management companies is an important measure to improve the corporate governance system in the field of banking and insurance asset management, and deepen the reform of system and mechanism. It aims to promote them to focus on the main responsibility and focus on the main business, and perform the entrusted responsibility of asset management for investors fairly and transparently through the establishment of special legal person, clear responsibilities and rights, and organic separation. The two types of institutions mainly exist in the form of subsidiary companies of commercial banks and insurance groups (or insurance companies), with simple and clear equity structure, strong stability, high authenticity and compliance of shareholders' contributions, steady and prudent behavior of shareholders, which can perform their duties in accordance with laws and regulations and the articles of association, and promote the improvement of decision-making authorization mechanism.
The mechanism of "three meetings and one level" is relatively sound. At the beginning of its establishment, bancassurance asset management institutions established a corporate governance structure with shareholders (general) board, board of directors, board of supervisors and senior management as the main body in accordance with the modern financial enterprise system, and initially formed a corporate governance mechanism with "three boards and one layer" performing their respective duties, effective checks and balances, and coordinated operation. The state-owned holding assets management institutions have actively explored the organic integration of the party's leadership and corporate governance. The Secretary of the Party committee is also the chairman of the board of directors. It pays attention to the role of Party committee members in the board of directors and the board of supervisors, and implements the system of Party Committee's pre research on major issues. On the whole, the modern corporate governance mechanism with Chinese characteristics, which effectively checks and balances the "three meetings and one layer" and organically integrates the party's leadership, has initially taken shape.
The operation of the board of directors is relatively standardized. A board of directors composed of executive directors, equity directors and independent directors has been established to play a core role in strategic decision-making. The members of the board of directors have a better understanding of the characteristics of economic, financial and asset management business operation rules, and their degree of specialization, ability to perform their duties and decision-making level have been gradually improved. Independent directors are responsible for audit, nomination and remuneration committees, and the role of independent directors is increasingly apparent.