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ICBC's responsibility in the decisive battle of po
Published:9/4/2020 4:09:01 PMViews: 29
Walking into the sweet potato flour processing plant of Xiangxiang Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., you can see a busy scene: workers wash sweet potatoes, filter sweet potato pulp, machine steaming and pressing, cutting into strips, drying, packaging, bags of sweet potato powder are finished.
Xiangxiang Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. is located in Longju Town, Wanzhou District, Chongqing. The town is one of the 18 deep poverty-stricken towns in Chongqing. Restricted by traffic and terrain, the local industrial development is relatively backward. However, with its unique climate and soil conditions, sweet potato planting has become a household tradition. With the continuous expansion of sweet potato planting area in Longju Town, how to improve the "value" of common sweet potatoes and help farmers increase their income has become an urgent problem to be explored in Longju town.
With the support of the government, Yang Jun, who was working in the city at that time, decided to go back to his hometown to start a business. He took the villagers to get rich together. Therefore, he built a sweet potato flour processing plant and planting base in Longju town. However, in the early stage of starting a business, the company was in a dilemma of shutdown and production because of the urgent need for funds to build new plants. When Yang Jun was worried, ICBC Chongqing Wanzhou Branch took the initiative to provide door-to-door service with Nongdan company. By increasing the credit of the company, it issued 500000 yuan of rural loan to enterprises in a few days. Taking this as an opportunity, the government issued 1 million yuan of venture capital fund, which solved the problem of capital shortage of enterprises.
"I didn't expect to get the loan in a week, which saves time and effort." Yang Jun said excitedly that after the guarantee company issued the guarantee letter, the staff of ICBC carried out on-the-spot investigation in a timely manner, which saved many links in their own procedures.
2020 is the end of the battle against poverty, which will historically achieve the goals and tasks of poverty alleviation in rural areas, all poverty-stricken counties and regional overall poverty.
On the road of poverty alleviation, various financial institutions have never been absent from the vivid practice of financial poverty alleviation with heart and effort. ICBC is one of the representative institutions.
Chen Siqing, chairman of ICBC, said at the mid-2020 working conference of ICBC that it is necessary to firmly help win the battle of poverty alleviation, fight as hard as possible, work together, maintain a decisive state, overcome the impact of adverse factors such as the epidemic situation, complete the poverty alleviation task with high quality, integrate stable poverty alleviation with long-term development, and explore new practice of serving rural revitalization.
Since the beginning of this year, ICBC has made unremitting efforts to promote poverty alleviation, build a "chess game" for poverty alleviation, improve the universality of financial services, innovate new poverty alleviation models, deeply cultivate designated poverty alleviation responsibility fields, and interpret the bank's responsibilities with practical actions. By the end of June, ICBC had invested nearly 300 billion yuan of targeted poverty alleviation loans, with a balance of nearly 200 billion yuan. The loan growth rate in the first half of this year was 12%, higher than the growth rate of various loans of the whole bank, which radiated and drove 20 million poor people out of poverty and increased their income. The balance of loans in the "three regions, three states" deep poverty-stricken areas exceeded 20 billion yuan. At the same time, more than 1000 poverty alleviation cadres dispatched by ICBC all over the country are working hard at the front line of poverty alleviation and do their best to help the local people get rid of poverty and live a well-off life.