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The national economy continued to recover steadily
Published:9/16/2020 3:57:30 PMViews: 12
According to the data released by the National Bureau of statistics on September 15, China's production demand continued to rise in August, employment prices were generally stable, the driving force for development was further strengthened, and the economic operation continued to recover steadily. Among them, the year-on-year cumulative growth rate of added value of industries above Designated Size turned positive for the first time in this year.
"On the whole, in August, the national economy continued to recover steadily, and the implementation of the" six stabilities "and" six guarantees "tasks has become increasingly effective." Fu Linghui, spokesman for the National Bureau of statistics, said at a news conference held by the office of the State Council of statistics on the same day.
More positive changes in economic operation
In August, the national economy overcame the adverse effects of the epidemic situation and the flood situation, and positive changes increased. In particular, four indicators changed from negative to positive: from January to August, the added value of industries above designated size increased by 0.4%; in August, the total retail sales of consumer goods increased by 0.5%; from January to August, the export of goods increased by 0.8%; from January to August, the sales of commercial housing increased by 1.6%.
The main indicators show that in August, the economic operation remained stable and recovered. In the field of production, the recovery of industry and services has accelerated. From the industrial situation, the improvement of demand has enhanced the driving force of the industry. In August, the added value of industries above designated size increased by 5.6% year-on-year, 0.8 percentage points faster than that of the previous month. From the perspective of service industry, with the recovery of production and the increase of residents' consumption, the relevant producer services and living services are improving. In August, the service industry production index increased by 4.0% year-on-year, 0.5 percentage points faster than that of the previous month.
In the field of consumption, with the positive results of epidemic prevention and control, residents' consumption activities are increasing. Fu Linghui said that consumption has three characteristics: first, when the total consumption is restored, the trend of structural upgrading continues; second, while online consumption is growing rapidly, offline consumption is also recovering; third, while the consumption of physical goods is recovering, service consumption is also recovering steadily.
In the field of investment, all regions and departments have increased their investment efforts, and the guarantee of funds and related elements has been effectively strengthened. In the first eight months, investment in fixed assets decreased by 0.3% year-on-year, 1.3 percentage points lower than that from January to July.
In the field of foreign trade, in August, the total import and export volume increased by 6% year-on-year, of which the export growth was 11.6%, both of which continued to improve.
In addition, the new momentum of economic growth and the vitality of market entities are increasing. For example, in August, the high-tech manufacturing industry grew by 7.6% year-on-year, significantly faster than the growth of industries above Designated Size; the PMI of manufacturing industry was 51%, and the non manufacturing business activity index was 55.2%, which was above the critical point for six consecutive months.