Microsoft Surface Laptop: All You Need To Know

Microsoft released the newly premium Surface Laptop which is running on Windows 10 S. This OS is similar to the Windows 10 only that this new version focuses on the education arena. More so it is sought of a locked Windows 10 version in that one can only operate apps from the Microsoft’s Store. One of the pros that you’ would really like about the Microsoft Surface Laptop is it’s lightness and the gorgeous design. The notebook Laptop comes with a digital Surface Pen, a Surface Dial and also a Surface mouse. More-so, it includes a touchscreen brilliant display and a touch-pad too.

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The Surface borrows the design of the Surface Pro 4 with its soft-touch finish. The new Surface Laptop has a lot of features similar to Surface Pro and Surface Book. First it has a 13.5 inch touchscreen which has a resolution of 2256 x 1504 with a 201 PPI. The display is very color enhance and viewing angles are great which is something we always expect from any Surface device. From the display, we go to its keyboard which looks like one on the Surface Pro 4. Its very strong and unique, every key travel in the keyboard is around 1.5 mm. More-so it has backlit keys which actually comes with the color of the notebook itself, this would really stand out to be the best! The keyboard deck is also Alcantara fabric covered and weighs 2.76 pounds which is more than the Surface Pro 4 plus its keyboard which is around half a pound more.

When it comes to the edges of the Surface Laptop,its connection port is quite clean featuring a single USB 3 generation 1 and a mini Display Port Type-A port. In this case Microsoft did not incorporate the USB type C in the device and also there was no SD card slot. This means that when it comes to charging the Surface laptop one will use the magnetic charging dock connector which is very convenient. The battery will give users a 14.5 hours of up-time which will take you through out the day.

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The Microsoft Surface Laptop comes in four coloration mainly, Graphite Gold, Platinum, Cobalt Blue and Burgundy. The device is open for pre-order starting on May 2nd 2017. However, the Laptop will be available for sale starting on June 15th 2017. It will have a starting price of $999 and with that you get a 4GB RAM, 128GB internal storage and a core i5 processor. Unfortunately for this tag price you only get the Platinum color. The next higher-end level will come with 8GB RAM, 256GB internal storage and the processor will still be Core i5 at a price of $1,299. The next model comes with 16GB RAM, 512GB internal storage with a core i7 processor at a price of $2,199. The other three colors are also available for these two models. However if you need other accessories that come with the Surface Laptop such as the Surface pen and Surface Dial they are exclusive of the price tag of the device.

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