How Safe Is Samsung’s Galaxy S8 To Users

Having released the new dope smartphone, the Galaxy S8 and S8 plus, Samsung have still questions in mind on what consumers thinks of the Galaxy S8 Safety. Certainly one of the most heavy quest about this phone is if the device is safer than what was seen in last year’s explosive galaxy Note 7. We recall that the Note 7 had a very huge successful launch which triggered many users to buying it. However the smartphone had no luck after that as it had manufacturing problems which led to most of the devices exploding and prone to fire due to poor battery management.

For every Samsung fanatic out there, i bet they are paying great attention on the newly launched Samsung galaxy S8 safety. The tech giant company promised to enhance safety and good quality standards of their smartphones. It is of no doubt there have been no cases of the same with the Galaxy S8 as they improved the battery and performance on the device. A lot of tests had been done by the company before releasing it to the market to ensure no faultiy would occur even in extreme performances of the device. Most users too have gone further on these test to ensure good safety of the device.

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In case you own the Galaxy S8 or S8 plus phone and really doubt its safety, you can go through the eight step test used by Samsung to verify that the device is safe or simply watch their video below on Quality Assuarance of the S8.

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Step 1. Durability Test

For the first test it entails enhanced battery testing whereby extreme temperature are tested and also overcharging tests are performed

Step 2. Visual Inspection

This is a visual test done to ensure each battery is safe under the given standardized guidelines

Step 3. X-Ray Test

Commonly X-ray is used to internal viewing and likewise in this case it’s used to check and inspect inside the battery housing for any irregulalities.

Step 4. Charge and Discharge Testing

The batteries of the phone undergo a large scale charging and discharge test to ensure nothing out of the normal happens

Step 5. TVOC Test

This simply means a Totla Volatile Organic Compound. In this case, leakage test is performed to ensure no leakage of any voltile organic compound which is very harmful.

Step 6. Disassembling Test

This is when the battery is taken apart to ensure its quality is great and the fiting is done approprately.

Step 7. OCV Test

This is the Delta open Circuit Voltage Test done to analyse any change in voltage through the manufacturing process.

Step 8. Accelerated Usage Test

This is sort of a simulation that is performed to give results in terms of performance and battery issues once there is accelerated consumer usage of the device.

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Having made these and many other changes in the new device,Samsung really hopes that it would be able to capture the consumer’s mind on forgetting about the Note 7 error and instead put focus on showing how good they can be in bringing a more safer and powerful device. So far, Samsung have not had complains on the galaxy S8 battery performance and they much hope it would stick that way in the future.

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