Ways To Save Battery Life on an Android Smartphone

Here comes 2017 and every body nonetheless talks about quick battery existence in Android smartphones. Better battery span technology obviously has now not arrived yet, which means that it’s down to software. Most premium smartphones in particular yearly flagships are effective, however unfortunately, they don’t have limitless battery life. Most Android phones customers might be satisfied, if they would cross plenty longer than 24 hours mark with out charging their smartphones.


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Here’s a list of factors you could do to help extend battery span on your Android cellphone::

Switch off/Dim the screen.

In maximum phones the screen is the most recognised for drawing down pretty numerous battery energy. Although a dim screen may be extra tough to see, specifically in outdoors, it would with no doubt save on battery life. Adjust screen brightness from the Settings app, or pick the Brightness quick button from the  quick action drawer.

Stop running apps in the background

This may be executed from Settings > Apps, swipe to the left; you’ll see a listing of apps which can be presently runing. Tap on each one to see what they’re for, you can prevent any apps that you don’t need operating within the background all of the time. Most of these apps are hidden during normal regular operations with your smartphone and they make contributions in degrading your cellphone’s battery life.

Manage battery overall performance

Several Android phones have battery-saving software built in. You can get access to the software program from a unique app or from the Battery item within the Settings app. Third- party apps like Greenify, ForceDoze, and Naptime can squeeze even extra battery life  from your phone, however they also can help you manipulate the battery overall performance with various tweaks.

Turn off all Network Toggles:

Most phones nowadays come with LTE, NFC, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, but they’re now not all important whilst they’re activated all day. Turning them off can absolutely save a few battery life by stopping your phone from continuously connecting and disconnecting to a bunch of different networks. Android maintains location-based apps resident in the background  hence GPS widely consumes your juice right away for that reason its really useful to keep it off most times except when you need it.

Use Power saving mode

Most high end phones such as the Galaxy S7 and HTC 10 comes with a built in settings for power saving. Their use could be some of the tips noted above, but in addition they limit the phone to texting, smartphone calls, Web surfing, and juice consuming apps like Facebook. Such utility settings help you squeeze greater hours on your battery life in the route of the day.

Get a Battery case or larger extended battery

Several Android phones have larger batteries to be had as an option. Having a larger battery or a battery case truely increases the time you can use your cellphone without having to recharge. However it is also vital to make certain that the battery is manufacturer-compatible along with your smartphone. Read More on Best Thinnest Battery case for iPhone.


Battery Life Tips

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